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You might want to print those articles and read them on the train tonight. Or save some paper and add them to your InstaPaper account. Respectively on TechCrunch & Mashable.

*Yeah, that would be Cmd-D on a Mac.

My obsession for great food goes beyond my brand new pasta machine. It also shows in my bookmarks bar. There is a plethora of websites to find recipes, and the new generation embraces the web 2.0ness. Here are my favorites:



She’s the Oprah of cooking and was once one of the most powerful women in the US, before being convicted of lying to investigators about a stock sale for which she had to serve five months in prison. She’s even bigger after a much publicized comeback at the head of a media and merchandising empire. The content of years of tips and recipes found in her magazines, books and TV shows are gathered in one site, while acting as a hub promoting all the goods under her name, sold at Kmart, Lowe’s, Macy’s
I love the site’s refined design, the depth and quality of content, and the small and subtle touches of AJAX. And it adds to my homemaking cred.



Started in 2007 by the NotCot team, the site acts like an aggregator of recipes found on different blogs and submitted by the readers. No complex search tool here, the user browse through a grid of gorgeous images until inspired by one of them, clicking on it to be redirected to the source blog. Surprisingly addictive.



You just bumped into your sexy date on a date with another date, and decide to impress your girlfriends with some South American food based on the few ingredients available in your fridge. That’s basically what CookThink offers you. Browse the tag cloud and select all the relevant items. So that would be in this case consoling, Argentinian, chicken and onion. And you get… French Onion And Shallot Soup! OK, I guess that the search engine needs some fine tuning. Give chance another spin by clicking on “Almost… show me more recipes”, which is actually my favorite page on the site. I also dig the related tips, the Meal Builder and their blog.



That one has a list of impressive features for a site developed by one guy! Recipes are user-generated, and “home-chefs” have a profile page that gathers submitted recipes, loved ones, comments posted by others… You can follow your favorite users to be updated when they post new dishes. A bit like facebook’s Activity Feed for gourmets, sans the retarded apps. Seriously impressive, convenient and well thought.

Tv junkie or just a big sports fan, Slingmedia can make your dreams a reality. Watch your team play that big game while stuck in the office or never miss a episode of your favorite sitcom.


The SlingBox, a low-cost video placeshifting device that allows users to stream what they’re watching at home to a computer or smart phone anywhere in the world. It sends the signal from your cable box, satellite receiver or digital video recorder to any computer.

SlingMedia Screenshot

The SlingPlayer serves as your interface and features a variety of components, including a favorites bar and customizable remote controls that help bring your living room experience to your computer.

One week into 2008, we thought that it would be interesting to make a 100% subjective list of the 10 things that shaped our digital landscape for 2007. So the team at Trendwatch Daily went post-fishing last weekend to celebrate our 6-month anniversary and this is what we came back with, in chronological order.

A new form of stress born from the over-exposure to too many sources of entertainment at once.

Design Class #1: The Homepage
It’s very often the 1st impression that users get from your site, so you’d better get it right the first time!

Never Ending Friending. Just not with a TV-set.
Understanding the shift in media consumption: it’s all about Return on Involvement.

Social Networking Profiling Part 1 – The Consumers
A typology of the SN users to better understand users and consumers.

Branding in an age of User-Driven Innovation and P2P Production
What are the consequences when individual and communities become more productive than profit-seeking companies?

Mobile and developing countries: Mobile and developing countries
Because you can’t find a Starbucks with Wi-Fi in Nigeria.

Facebook Redefines Privacy
Probably one of the biggest PR screw-up of the year.

The Slow Death of Campaign Microsites?
Social Networks taking over, is there still room for those dedicated mini-sites?

Virtual World theft just got real
The line becomes very blurry between first and second life.

Google’s rule: don’t waste time debating
Or how to reduce development costs and pointless meetings.

Up for grabs in 2008: the coming 2008 dot-com crash, Wall Street gets frustrated with Google, Nintendo banks on fitness, smartphones become mainstream, online social networks grab more ads $ and integrate hi-def video.

And you, what’s in your crystal ball for 2008?

(post written with Manuel Faisco)