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38 years for TV, 14 for cellphone, 7 for the iPod to be adopted by 150 million users.


Source: Fortune


It’s not every day that the New York Times features one of our sites. Today, coosh is in the print version of the Grey Lady (and of course its online counterpart)! Congrats to our favorite CEO Melissa for your awesome PR skills, and to everyone in the team who worked on the coosh site and the PR kits sent to the bloggers and journalists! That’s gonna make our Dads proud!


I was watching a videogame review the other day – I really can’t remember the game but it was this really childish and simple game that I thought would be quite enjoyable for most kids. In the end, the reviewer gave it a really small score, saying it wasn’t that good of a game and it wasn’t worth your money. At the time, I thought to myself – “Who isn’t this game good to?”
The fact is that videogamers have evolved through time. While most still consider the videogamers a grey mass of players who simply differ by their genre preference or time invested playing, the fact is that the videogame target has definitely changed though time – and it has evolved deeply.
To simplify it, we can consider we’ve had 3 generation of videogamers – the ones before the videogame crash, the Nintendo generation and the new age gamers. And inside each we have different profiles and tastes. But what is more interesting is that each generation, like in everything, criticize the new generation by becoming a moral order and condemning the values the next generation is gaining by playing those games. So, those who are now criticizing Grand Theft Auto were the ones who were playing Super Mario in their NES at home a few years ago. And those who judged the Super Mario fans at the time were the ones playing Pong and Space Invaders in the arcades in the dawn of games. This leads me to two points: Read More »

This article addresses common mistakes among large organizations when it comes to run a corporate website. To read before you go to bed: from Smashing Magazine.

Fun from the negligee lingerie company: after getting canceled on V-Day, an insanely smokin’ model brings the fun at the office of her soon-to-dumped-bf. What follows is NSFW. Provocatively brought to you by Agent Provocateur.

This iPhone application has everything to get your party going! The drunk dial function seems quite fun. One more reason to get an iPhone.

When times are tough and consumers feel that products are too expensive (see OTO Research report on price perception during the recession), the role of the brand is also to justify the value for money. Quite often, marketers know their product so well that the full detail of tangible and intangible benefits linked to a product or service seems boring to them… But today it has become key for consumers. There is a cultural issue around this. For years, the core discipline of marketing was to find THE best insight that worked, mainly because the channels used to reach consumers imposed to have ONE clear message. Today, leveraging integration between On Line and Off Line, it is possible to have ONE global promise, but also the detail of FULL benefits. As an example, one could consider the Simpleo (Debitel/SFR) campaign in France. The core of the promise is cheaper mobile communications through simplicity. With this player, you can’t have e-mails, music, videos, web services, just a phone, voice and SMS. This is why the cost is optimized, but it’s also why consumers can understand the real value for money: high quality voice and SMS services at a low cost, and the certainty to only pay what they effectively need. Behind the promise, there is on their website a full detail of what consumers can really get for their money. As a result, Simpleo has conversion ratios well above competitors on this market.


Jérôme TOUCHEBOEUF, FullSIX France Founding Partner
Jérôme has been working for more than 15 years in the interactive communication field. From 1990 to 1996, he was appointed, consecutively, Account Manager and Business Development Manager for “ Dialogue ” (ex- Procis), the below the line communication agency of the Publicis Group. He then participated in the creation and development of two interactive communication agencies (Publicis Technologies and Ogilvy Interactive) and, then in 1997, founded FullSIX.

Jerome is responsible for the global strategy of FullSIX. He manages consulting projects, as well as marketing initiatives for its clients in many different fields, such as media and leisure (Fnac, WoW, PSG), high tech and TLC (Dell, SFR, Debitel, Gemalto), and FMCG (Remy Cointreau, Pernod Ricard, Danone), Services (Bred, … ).

In 2008, Jérôme Toucheboeuf was appointed vice president of the AACC Marketing Services Department.