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One week into 2008, we thought that it would be interesting to make a 100% subjective list of the 10 things that shaped our digital landscape for 2007. So the team at Trendwatch Daily went post-fishing last weekend to celebrate our 6-month anniversary and this is what we came back with, in chronological order.

A new form of stress born from the over-exposure to too many sources of entertainment at once.

Design Class #1: The Homepage
It’s very often the 1st impression that users get from your site, so you’d better get it right the first time!

Never Ending Friending. Just not with a TV-set.
Understanding the shift in media consumption: it’s all about Return on Involvement.

Social Networking Profiling Part 1 – The Consumers
A typology of the SN users to better understand users and consumers.

Branding in an age of User-Driven Innovation and P2P Production
What are the consequences when individual and communities become more productive than profit-seeking companies?

Mobile and developing countries: Mobile and developing countries
Because you can’t find a Starbucks with Wi-Fi in Nigeria.

Facebook Redefines Privacy
Probably one of the biggest PR screw-up of the year.

The Slow Death of Campaign Microsites?
Social Networks taking over, is there still room for those dedicated mini-sites?

Virtual World theft just got real
The line becomes very blurry between first and second life.

Google’s rule: don’t waste time debating
Or how to reduce development costs and pointless meetings.

Up for grabs in 2008: the coming 2008 dot-com crash, Wall Street gets frustrated with Google, Nintendo banks on fitness, smartphones become mainstream, online social networks grab more ads $ and integrate hi-def video.

And you, what’s in your crystal ball for 2008?

(post written with Manuel Faisco)

Various sites have appeared the show the most valuable characteristic of the Web 2.0 – information and knowledge sharing. Of course some are valuable; while some are less… it all depends on what you are looking for.

 While I was searching for as much information on Second Life as I could, I came across what could be one of the most valuable tools a Marketer might encounter – Slideshare. Using the delicious “beta” in their logo, this website works does wonders for your researcher urges. Containing user submitted slideshows displayed on specific player that don’t allow direct download, this website is a definite source of information for many topics. Try searching “Second Life” and you’ll be amazed on how much information has been researched on this topic. The users might even be generous enough to inform that their presentation can be downloaded, enabling a link that downloads a PPT version of the Presentation.

Why is this good? One – information built in an organized and systematic manner that is easy to look up and investigate. Two - good examples on how a presentation should or shouldn’t be made. You can find pretty ugly presentations that you HAVE to look at because the subject matter to you, or you might find beautiful and compelling slides that would make you buy anything they wanted to sell.

In any way, definitely a good site worth checking out.