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Social Media:
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iPhone apps have landed! Browse the (still) hidden catalog on iTunes by following this link!

Screens that I am likely to see multiple times a day, starting today:

Remote. Control your iTunes with your iPhone. I can’t believe it took so long for Apple to make this. My old SonyEricsson T68i used to do this 5 years ago…

Facebook. Not sure what the difference is with the browser-based version though.

NetNewsWire. My RSS feeds synchronized on my Mac and my iPhone. Always something to read when you’re at a bar and your friend is going for a long bathroom break. Or you can also talk to that cute guy at the counter.

Loopt. Which of your friends are around? Big Brother in your pocket.

I apologize in advance to my co-workers and client if I am not really focused on the photoshoot this weekend.

One week into 2008, we thought that it would be interesting to make a 100% subjective list of the 10 things that shaped our digital landscape for 2007. So the team at Trendwatch Daily went post-fishing last weekend to celebrate our 6-month anniversary and this is what we came back with, in chronological order.

A new form of stress born from the over-exposure to too many sources of entertainment at once.

Design Class #1: The Homepage
It’s very often the 1st impression that users get from your site, so you’d better get it right the first time!

Never Ending Friending. Just not with a TV-set.
Understanding the shift in media consumption: it’s all about Return on Involvement.

Social Networking Profiling Part 1 – The Consumers
A typology of the SN users to better understand users and consumers.

Branding in an age of User-Driven Innovation and P2P Production
What are the consequences when individual and communities become more productive than profit-seeking companies?

Mobile and developing countries: Mobile and developing countries
Because you can’t find a Starbucks with Wi-Fi in Nigeria.

Facebook Redefines Privacy
Probably one of the biggest PR screw-up of the year.

The Slow Death of Campaign Microsites?
Social Networks taking over, is there still room for those dedicated mini-sites?

Virtual World theft just got real
The line becomes very blurry between first and second life.

Google’s rule: don’t waste time debating
Or how to reduce development costs and pointless meetings.

Up for grabs in 2008: the coming 2008 dot-com crash, Wall Street gets frustrated with Google, Nintendo banks on fitness, smartphones become mainstream, online social networks grab more ads $ and integrate hi-def video.

And you, what’s in your crystal ball for 2008?

(post written with Manuel Faisco)