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A bit of auto-promo. Back in March, Tyler and I were in Austin for SxSW, since PleaseFixtheiPhone was up for a SxSW Web Award. And we met with Jim Hopkinson from Wired magazine for an interview about the site and its impact on the development of the next generation iPhones. With the launch of the 3.0 Software Update announced this week, it was the perfect occasion to release the interview and have a look and which Top Wishes were taken care of by Apple. Article available on Jim’s blog, and podcast on iTunes! Thanks Jim!


Today, Apple is announcing the new features that they are working on that will be in the next version of the iPhone: 3.0.

So we thought we could have some fun and invite you to play with the PleaseFixtheiPhone Scorecard. We’ve listed the 20 Most Wanted wishes posted by users on the site. Download the PleaseFixtheiPhone ScoreCard PDF and print it, check the boxes for the wishes you believe will be taken care of today by Apple and wait for their announcement to compare your results with the final ones! Good luck!

And please, Apple, give us that Copy-Paste, and we will forget that it took you so long!


Oh man, we’re excited. We’ve just heard that FullSIX NY’s much talked about project will compete against the brilliant Brightkite (!!!), AP Mobile News Network, Gigotron and Pikchur in the Mobile category of the prestigious 12th Annual SXSW Web Awards.

Such an honor to be compared to such sites/apps! We’re literally jumping all around the office while Steve is practicing his infamous “skyrocket-man-on-an-ikea-stool” moves in the hallway to express his joy.

Awards ceremony and results will be on March 15th in Austin. We’ll be there as usual but we will have an extra reason to fly to Texas this year! Make sure you visit PleaseFixtheiPhone (and the iPhone-optimized version from your iPhone), post wishes and vote for existing gripes.

What next? More info about the project and screencast | Meet the Team behind PleaseFixtheiPhone | Become our Fan on Facebook


In early 2008, we learned that 61% of European consumers thought advertisers did not treat them with respect, and that 69% were ready to pay for a service that would help them skip advertising. In October 2008, the research conducted by OTO Research just after the financial crisis shows that 83% of consumers do not trust the brands they use, and that more than 50% believe the price is not fair on basic needs categories (66% on food…). But there are solutions for brands to re-gain trust during this recession.

Beyond re-focusing on creative but understandable, reality rooted, simple advertising (moving away from the just funny, impactful, over promises), consumers will want to have clear data about the brand, what it truly stands for and what is the value for money of its products and services. To achieve this, most (but not all, see the Simpleo example in rule 6) of the solutions are Online. Clear, understandable, dialog oriented websites. eCRM platforms that address consumer needs and concerns.

A crucial factor is what consumers say and write about brands. 54% of consumers say that their primary source of information when choosing a brand is the Consumer Generated Content about the product and brand experience. Even for the mythical iPhone, a site like PleaseFixtheiPhone built by* and for iPhone addicts proposed to users to list the product flaws and begs Steve Jobs to fix them. More than 250,000 votes and 1,600 posts in less than a week… Managing this kind of transparent information will be vital in this recession.

*Full disclosure: PleaseFixtheiPhone was built by the FullSIX NYC team


We’ve received a lot of demand for a Search Tool and a way for users to manage duplicates. Both made it to the new online version of the PleaseFixtheiPhone site. Check it out!

Also pretty cool, a Fortune/CNN.com article that compares the new features in the 2.2 iPhone Software Update about to be released by Apple and the Most Wanted wishes on the PleaseFixtheiPhone site!