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I believe so. Let them go out of beta, but the site is already very promising, matching movies you love with similar ones. The difference is that the heart of the database is human-made.

According to Clerk Dogs:

Our unique database is so intuitive and conversational; it’s a lot like interacting with a great clerk in a top quality-video store.

That’s no coincidence—our database is made up of literally hundreds of thousands of individual recommendations from dozens of former video store clerks. Our former clerks, who understand why customers like movies, have analyzed all the characteristics of movies to create a database that is much richer and deeper than the collaborative filtering engines. Our system was designed to allow customers to interact with our database and to take control of their movie selection experience.


The one thing I really like about the site is that when they suggest matches, they compare the recommended movies with the one you gave them. In this example, I asked them to feed me with movies/tv series that shares some DNA with Little Miss Sunshine:
- the Clerks’ pick: Flirting with Disaster. Clerks’ comment: “equally screwball dysfunctional-family road trip about adult adoptee seeking his birth parents. Edgier humor.”
- Other matches: Best in Show (drier humor); Napoleon Dynamite (slower pace); Thumbsucker (more drama), Waiting for Guffman (quirkier ensemble); Arrested Development (drier humor)…

Pretty good. Now if you could only let me add movies/shows to a Wish List connected to my Netflix queue or my ?TV’s Wish List. Or even better, make a partnership with Hulu to stream them with limited commercial breaks? That would be pretty high on my list to Santa!


Finally, the Privacy Controls in Facebook have been enhanced to give you control over who can see what. Block your ex from seeing any type of content, keep your boss away from your photos and videos tagged of you, and your lame brother from your status updates so that he doesn’t report to Mum. Privacy à-la-carte as it should have been since day 1.

What, you haven’t heard about Sex and the City Charlotte’s privacy issues? It’s here, and not safe for work.

First link collection of the year, or what noticeable news were left unnoticed because we were too busy stuffing ourselves with Ferrero Rochers, putting up for auctions on eBay most of the Christmas presents we received.

  • Make your CupNoodle addiction eco-friendly, design your own re-usable cup. Also interesting, their view on how to include and make the most of eccentrics in the company.
  • 100 things we didn’t know last year, by the BBC
  • Brands are not my friends, even not on Facebook. So brands have to be smart to take advantage of Social Networks, with different strategies according to their position on the market.
  • Download Kevin Kelly’s book True Films for free, but with contextual ads inside. Or is PDF monetization next and worthy? (Kevin is the founding executive editor of Wired magazine)
  • 73.3 calories in one of these golden Rochers. Time to stop now!