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Edgard and I are happy kids today. We’ve been raving for month about the ruined potential of the Facebook Pages as a marketing tool, because of its rigid structure (hard to match a brand’s look and feel), lack of openness (all the elements had to be developed as Facebook apps) and interactivity (no user upload allowed), a paradox for a social platform!

Every time we came up with an idea that would be fun and useful for both the consumers and one of our client, it would either be impossible to develop because of the technical constraints, or way too expensive, since we would have to develop numerous Facebook applications for a single page. So we eventually gave up on the idea.

Until this morning, when I noticed an Update in my Facebook inbox:

Facebook Pages have some new features available for you:

1. User Photo Uploads
Now, your fans will be able to upload photos to your Facebook Page…if you let them. Go to your Facebook Page and Edit on the Photos box to turn on this feature. All New Pages will have this feature pre-enabled upon creation.

2. Dynamic Content in the Profile Box
You can now replace the main picture on your Facebook Page with dynamic content using either the Flash or FBML applications. Just install either of these applicaitons (find them at www.facebook.com/facebookpages and then select the flash/fbml option when you choose to edit your profile picture.) (…)

Wow. All of the issues we had encountered, solved after one message. Your fans can upload pictures on your page, imagine all the possibilities… And no more need to develop Facebook applications using their proprietary language that only few master. And you can have Flash content!!! Dear dear you-know-who-you-are client, Edgard and I are back in the Facebook game, watch your inbox…

After reading about it for a while, this morning when I logged to Facebook, an extra layer in the layout opened, asking me if I wanted to move any of my 49 applications to an extended profile.

I have to say it’s easy and convenient; you decide the applications boxes that you want to keep or store, and your extended profile can be edited any time from your profile page.

How simple??? If only all things online could be this simple. Not wanting to go into a rant about complicated things, but I think Facebook have delivered that first building block of a solution to a problem, whereby if everything was approached in this way it would make the online world one of sheer ease.

I will try to adopt the Facebook “simplicity” model when proposing any online solution!

One week into 2008, we thought that it would be interesting to make a 100% subjective list of the 10 things that shaped our digital landscape for 2007. So the team at Trendwatch Daily went post-fishing last weekend to celebrate our 6-month anniversary and this is what we came back with, in chronological order.

A new form of stress born from the over-exposure to too many sources of entertainment at once.

Design Class #1: The Homepage
It’s very often the 1st impression that users get from your site, so you’d better get it right the first time!

Never Ending Friending. Just not with a TV-set.
Understanding the shift in media consumption: it’s all about Return on Involvement.

Social Networking Profiling Part 1 – The Consumers
A typology of the SN users to better understand users and consumers.

Branding in an age of User-Driven Innovation and P2P Production
What are the consequences when individual and communities become more productive than profit-seeking companies?

Mobile and developing countries: Mobile and developing countries
Because you can’t find a Starbucks with Wi-Fi in Nigeria.

Facebook Redefines Privacy
Probably one of the biggest PR screw-up of the year.

The Slow Death of Campaign Microsites?
Social Networks taking over, is there still room for those dedicated mini-sites?

Virtual World theft just got real
The line becomes very blurry between first and second life.

Google’s rule: don’t waste time debating
Or how to reduce development costs and pointless meetings.

Up for grabs in 2008: the coming 2008 dot-com crash, Wall Street gets frustrated with Google, Nintendo banks on fitness, smartphones become mainstream, online social networks grab more ads $ and integrate hi-def video.

And you, what’s in your crystal ball for 2008?

(post written with Manuel Faisco)