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Cannes Lions 2008

The Cannes Lions 2008 International Advertising Festival is over…
Gifted creatives are lining up at the airport and gossipping in the frequent flyer lounge…

The Media Grand Prix is a mix of mobile/digital, good old traditional advertising group workshops praise social media and interaction, outstanding online campaigns like ‘HBO voyeurs’ are awarded because they extend offline, media planning companies claim to produce branded entertainment, print campaigns include interactive mobile tags, design is finally officially a media, pure 30” tv ads are scoring more on youtube than on TV and the Film Grand Prix goes to viral movies like ‘Gorilla’ from Cadbury or Halo 3 sequel!

What is sure here in Cannes this year, is that nothing is sure anymore. Short lists and winners are troubling even to creatives used to this cultural mashup.

Communication is changing and so is the Cannes Lions festival. In this battle of creativity, countries and agencies that used to be award-winning machines are being left behind. This year, the real winner is the consumer! He finally gets what he wants: Great interactive branded entertainment across all media.


Damon and I arrived in Austin, Texas, last Thursday to do our best to represent the Trendwatch Daily team and the Fullsix Group in THE Interactive Festival of the Year, SxSW (pronounced South by South West). It’s our first time here and we’re thrilled by the high quality of the speakers, from Jason Fried (Founder of 37 Signal) to Michael Lopp (Senior Engineering Manager at Apple). Topics are definitively super inspiring (Top 10 Lessons learned in e-commerce by Zappo’s CEO, Social Marketing Metrics Strategies…).


The main event was expected to be the Mark Zuckerberg’s Keynote, CEO of Facebook, and we haven’t been disappointed. The auditorium was packed with a super-excited crowd, ready to listen to the 23-year-old billionaire speak about the social network site and the challenges encountered in the recent past (think NewsFeed, Beacon, Privacy, Openness…). But it didn’t go that well, because of a very weird dynamic between him and the over-friendly and egocentric interviewer, author and journalist Sarah Lacy. Questions asked were boring, and she was mainly interested about talking about herself and her upcoming book than trying to challenge Zuckerberg.

Members of the audience were quick to express their frustration, both online (Twitter and Meebo dedicated channel for SxSW) and in the room, someone shouting her “Ask interesting questions”, while even the young CEO was being annoyed by her self-oriented endless questions, answering with a mere : “OK”, “Sure” and finishing her with a “You have to ask questions”, since she kept telling uncomfortable stories about their first encounters. Which generated a huge cheer from the crowd, booing the famous journalist, forcing her to give up on the interview and, Digg-style, pass the microphone to the crowd for a (disappointingly) super short Q&A session where topics like data portability, application saturation and privacy finally got a chance to be discussed.

Tomorrow, on the menu: Going social now, Judo moves for defending your reputation online, and more taco/margaritas overdose. We’ll certainly come back to our respective offices with great topics to share with you here but also in the next issue of the Trendwatch Keynote. So stay tuned by subscribe to our RSS feed or our daily digest email for your inbox.

By the way, if you’re like my friend Sylvie who was waiting for the French version of Facebook, Sarah Lacy broke the secrecy and announced it in front of a shocked Zuckerberg that it would be released on Sunday night. Still not spotted on the site though.

If you’re in Austin and want to meet at one of the 20+ party tomorrow, leave a comment or drop us a line!

Hard Rock Cafe ‘Memorabilia 2.0?
This is a live update from the Las Vegas Microsoft MIX’08.

Has Microsoft finally seen the (Silver) light?

In the huge lobby of the Venetian Hotel Casino eneryone gossips around the new Hard Rock ‘Memorabilia 2.0′ online tribute to rock culture…

Since 1971, Hard Rock has amassed more than 70,000 items, including historic instruments, wardrobe pieces, public records and other priceless objects displayed in locations around the world. The ‘Memorabilia’ collection spans everything from famous guitars played by Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and The Edge, to the wicker settee where John Lennon penned many of his songs, to a pair of Buddy Holly’s eyeglasses, to the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” bus.

“Hard Rock was looking for innovative ways to allow more fans to experience the rock ‘n’ roll history it represents,” says Sean Dee, Hard Rock’s chief marketing officer. “But of course the Hard Rock Memorabilia is extremely valuable and difficult to move, so we wanted to find a more practical way to bring the collection to a broader audience around the world. With Silverlight, we were able to build an application that allows us to make our collection accessible and highly interactive for millions of fans worldwide.”

This silverlight powered website use the new SeaDragon technology to serves up high-resolution images of Hard Rock’s memorabilia and allows fans the ability to zoom in on tiny details.

“The user experience is turned upside-down,” says Vertigo design and development house CEO Scott Stanfield. “This was a big, big jump in terms of what we can create and offer to our clients and their users. We’re down to the grain of leather on somebody’s jacket or the individual wire wraps on the ‘E’ string of a guitar. You can see inside Buddy Holly’s glasses and see the inscription from the manufacturer.”

Sit back, relax, get silverlight 2.0 beta plugin and enjoy!


Two things I find insultingly expensive in life. The price of a subway ride in London (£4, or $7.79!!!) and the rates that you have to cough to connect your laptop to the internet in public places (think airports and Starbucks’ T-Mobile hot-spots plans). In my neighborhood, every single coffee shop has free wifi, which was a great way for those non-chain cafés to fight against the Seattle giant. But today, Starbucks and AT&T announced a new partnership that will offer “Starbucks Card holders up to two hours of free Wi-Fi service per day at Starbucks locations offering Wi-Fi access, while more than 12 million qualifying AT&T broadband and AT&T U-verse Internet customers will have unlimited free access to the Wi-Fi service.” (quoting AppleInsider)

Plus more than 5 million of its remote access services business customers, with plans to extend the benefits to its existing mobile phones subscribers. Plus the ongoing rollout free iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store access for users of Apple’s iPod touch, iPhone and other portables running iTunes.

Now if only they could replace all the chairs with some of the indispensable Hawaii Chairs featured below, I swear we’d shut down the NY offices to move into the closest Starbucks location!

(thanks Jon for sharing your 6-pack secret)


111,779,449 iPhones. 1,149,336 Hummers H3. Or 513 times the NY Mega Millions Jackpot. Excluding taxes. That’s what the guys in Redmond are willing to pay to absorb one of the first web monster in the 90s. I have nothing clever to say about this, I feel that 74% of the blog posts today were about this topic. Like What Would a Combined Microsoft-Yahoo Look Like? in TechCrunch. Or Robert Scoble’s view. This is exciting though. I bet that they’re not THAT happy about it in the Googleplex.