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I’ve always wanted to keep track of the wines I’ve tasted at home or out, so that i could buy again the ones I enjoyed and avoid the other ones. So I started many lists of my own ratings on paper, on my mac, but always failed to keep them up to date. Snooth is a young site where you can store the reviews you write about the wines you’ve tasted, share the ratings with your friends, get personal recommendation according to your reviews, aggregate opinions from users and pros, receive help to pair wine and food, and so on. Still room for improvement but I’m gonna start another of those lists there and hopefully won’t drop it after one week.

Disclaimer: yes, shamelessly, i’ve linked to the page where my parents’ wine is rated ;)

Introducing a new category of short posts, inspired by my last two meetings. People always ask for crazy, obscure numbers and if you don’t want to sound like you have no idea what they are talking about, you have no other option but to know!

So that one day, hopefully, you’ll be able to thank us when your client asks you how many minutes are spent per user per month on facebook, how much US households spend online, or if people really do listen to podcasts.

All you’ll have to do is, calmly, say:
- 190
- 31.5 billion for Q1 2007
- 13% do.

If you have numbers, questions, stories you want to share, please send!