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Haze screenshot 01
Presently i find little time to play consoles, my Xbox is gathering dust and i have not brought a game for over a year. The microsite for the PS3 game “HAZE” a first-person shooter, has reignited a flame in my heart for gaming. The website not only looks visually amazing but is a online game in its own right. The combination of powerful visuals and mind blowing sound made my heart pulsate. Like all good websites i found myself losing all perspective of time, not noticing a crowd of work colleges looking over my shoulder as i explored the site.
Haze screenshot  02
Haze screenshot 03
If the British weather continues in the same mood, i think i could be tempted to splash the cash and find my inner gamer again.

Like most designers i find my inspiration in a variety of different places. Art gallery’s, films, design portals, magazines, alcohol and every day experiences all feature heavily in my thought process. My biggest visual influence are music videos, i wake up to MTV every morning and if i had the choice would happy flick though music channels 24 hours of the day, stopping only to find out the football results. These are the three videos at the moment that make me want to open photoshop:

Justice – DVNO

Björk – Wanderlust

Justice – D.A.N.C.E

Like most middle-aged men I like football, computer games, and scantily clad women. The new campaign site for Coke Zero manages to combine all three in a rich, immersive online gaming experience that’s as addictive as the drink itself.cokezero_02.jpgcokezero_03.jpg

By trying to tap into the Carlsberg/Lynx audience (guys like myself, and those a lot younger), Coke have developed ‘Football as it should be’. The aim of the game is to help some lucky guy get to the Coke Zero lounge before the big game starts. Based over four levels, all of which combine brilliant video execution, multiple interaction methods and a trio of beautiful women to aid you in your challenges. These include jumping bridges, breaking down walls with a dragon ball and kick-ups with a ball of fire.

The visual execution is a cross between Quentin Tarantino’s Bullet Proof and a Bruce Lee movie – dark and full of texture. Just like a good film, the site is well paced, well structured and rewards the user throughout. It demonstrates clearly how broadband is giving big brands the opportunity to engage with the gaming audience. Where once they were limited to in-game advertising, now they’re able to create and own the experience.

Richard Pittham
Sixandco Group Brand Experience Director, London

Created by Carlos Ulloa Matesanz, Ralph Hauwert, and John Grden. Papervision3D is a open-source 3D engine for flash, that allows developers to change the position, size and rotation of a sprite on its X, Y and Z coordinates.

The results and possibilities for this technology are truly amazing, a website is no-longer a flat canvas but can be transformed in to a rich 3d environment. Recent updates to the engine allows developers to uses triangle tessellation to distort textures and render complex objects in real 3D.

The most exciting area to Papervision3D is the ability to embed video into a 3D environment. Could this open-source technology transform the way established traditional medias allow consumers to view their content. Combing Papervision3D and a 360 degree camera can already achieve amazing immersive video allowing us to take control of the camera and become a character in the environment.

Tv junkie or just a big sports fan, Slingmedia can make your dreams a reality. Watch your team play that big game while stuck in the office or never miss a episode of your favorite sitcom.


The SlingBox, a low-cost video placeshifting device that allows users to stream what they’re watching at home to a computer or smart phone anywhere in the world. It sends the signal from your cable box, satellite receiver or digital video recorder to any computer.

SlingMedia Screenshot

The SlingPlayer serves as your interface and features a variety of components, including a favorites bar and customizable remote controls that help bring your living room experience to your computer.