4 Fantastic Uses of Foursquare in the past 40 days

In April Foursquare surpassed the milestone of one million users. As more jump into the game, the pace of location-based marketing innovation is accelerating.

Here’s a look at 4 fantastic uses of Foursquare in just the past 40 days:

1) First-ever product check-in

Besides being Jimmy Choo’s first social media campaign, Catch a Choo marks the first time Foursquare has been used to check in an object (rather than a person). While treasure hunts are nothing new, product check-ins are an innovative tactic to get fans chasing down Jimmy Choo’s new line of trainers. (via: the gloss)


2) Meet the mayor

It’s safe to assume that mayors know a thing or two about an establishment. To make up for lost ground to Yelp, Zagat is interviewing the mayors of popular establishments. The first interview in the ‘Meet the Mayor’ series features the oh so tasty, Momofuku Milk Bar. Not only is Zagat’s tactic a brilliant use of the mayor concept, it’s also bringing well-needed, social media cred to the brand.


3) Real world pop-ups

To spark interest around its show ‘America the Story of Us’, the History Channel is making clever use of Foursquare’s often overlooked feature ‘Tips.’ When you check-in at select venues, which coincide with the show, the History Channel serves up interesting historical tidbits. As Techcrunch noted, the History Channel’s use of tips turns Foursquare into a real world pop-up video .


4) Celebrity mode
Fans of MTV and VH1 are easily crazy about celebrities (real or not). MTV Networks is the first in media to launch “Celebrity Mode,” a Foursquare product that allows “friending celebrities.” Latching onto viewers’ fascination with a celebrity’s every move is a clever way to build interest in programming. According to plans by MTVN, it could also be a way to tie in sponsorships.


While Foursquare is admittedly a small community, it’s nonetheless a powerful space for brands to play in right now. Beyond engagement opportunities with one million people, the visibility a brand gets from innovating in this medium extends into all social media. Be on Foursquare or be, as they say, square.