Samsung : A day with galaxy

Samsung has used video web ads for many years.  So it’s no surprise to see they’re at it again for their first Android tactile phone, Galaxy.


In the past, Samsung’s tried several types of video direction, like the future of packaging or even alien intervention. This time, they’re using an old-school visual technique, called the one shot representation (inspired by theatre).  By shooting in only one sequence the entire day’s action, the character and his phone are always front and center; the entire focus is on the product.  It’s an old trick that works very well for representing all the things you can do with your phone. By the way, this style of video direction recalls the work of Michel Gondry, as in the famous videoclip for Bjôrk, Bachelorette.

Brand : Samsung
Conception : MILK
Direction : Caleb Krivoshey
First web diffusion : october 5 2009