DSi – Social Media Console

Nintendo has released a new model for the DS named DSi (wow, another i product…) While retaining most of the same features that the previous model had, the DSi incorporates new features that will appeal to gamers and non-gamers, such as two new built-in cameras and an SD card slot for saving music files.

I will not undergo an extensive description of the DS – there are too many sites who make that description. Want I believe that it’s interesting is the focus of these features – they’re directed towards social media. Being a breakthrough approach in the handheld console segment, users can now take pictures, edit them, access online directly via the console and post their pictures in social networking websites. Not only that – the console comes with a complete sound application, microphone, stereo headset, and offers full voice recording solutions, including sound editing. And finally, the DSi now includes the option to access the DSiWare, an online store that, like the WiiWare, allows user to buy and download contents directly into their console.

Nintendo has played a smart card mashing up needs from the consumers into an enhanced version of an already popular console. They haven’t forgotten that consoles are less and less for kids and more to the general public – the consumers that played the original Game Boy are now adults, gaming adults who live and breathe Internet and Games, which breaks the “kids only” stereotypes in the videogame industry.

Accompanied with the release of the console, which already has a natural buzz as it is, Nintendo is planning a huge marketing campaign which will include traditional media, like TV to grow general awareness, and online campaign to appeal to the gamer target. Not only that but they are offering 1000 free DSi points to whomever buys the DSi and logs in to the DSi online store. Thus approaching practically every necessary flank needed for a successful marketing plan. Which makes you think – they have a product that practically sells on its own and they still undergo a full marketing plan. Definitely a wise investment.

The DSi has gone beyond the simple handheld console concept. Allowing a fabulous integration with the current user’s needs and habits, the DSi allows creating content and posting it online directly without the use of the computer as the medium. With online access via Wi-Fi and a store to boot, the DSi has given a step forward in the console market, definitely raising the bar for any other competitor.