Ok, so creating effective integrated campaigns isn’t a new resolution for 2009, it’s something that we want to achieve every year. But, every year we all feel that it doesn’t quite happen in the way it should. We still see media plans that have been put together without talking to the creative team or TV advertising that is completely unrelated to the digital campaign. Or, even worse, we see TV ads that are the digital campaign.

After 12 years of working with digital media I am pretty frustrated by this and I usually tackle it by having a good old whinge. This year I have decided be a bit more constructive. So, if you can’t put your complete campaign with one agency, here are some of my thoughts on how we can create innovative and effective campaigns that work all the way from awareness to purchase and loyalty.

  • Brief all of your agencies at the same time.
    A campaign that sits with one agency for the first 3 months of its conception will naturally have a strong imbalance towards that channel and integration later will be much more difficult.
  • Insist that your agencies present together.
    This is an easy way for see how the consumer will see the different channels working together, from the start.
  • Break the ‘tv-decides-all’ tradition.
    The big campaign idea might come from your above-the-line agency but it doesn’t have to. Many clients are already leading with concept, not agency, and they get great results.
  • Drop the ego and collaborate.
    Yes creative people, I mean you. We all want to produce great work and, amazing as it might seem, working together makes that more likely.
  • Remember that integrated doesn’t mean ‘matching luggage’.
    This isn’t a new message by any means but it is still forgotten too often. Each channel is unique and requires a different approach so the key visual from the press ad probably isn’t going to do the job online.
  • Maximise the output from your shoots.
    Simply informing everyone when there is a shoot and allowing them to request additional footage can shift a campaign from ordinary to amazing. And, it saves everyone time and budget.

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking that these are the most basic things in the world and you’re right. So no more excuses, let’s make it happen in 2009.