Is Facebook killing the Twitter Star?

Twitter Vs Facebook

As the title says, it is a common misconception that Facebook is gradually killing Twitter. Why? Because not only does it do the same, but it also allows to do more. Well, it isn’t as basic as you’d think.

Yes, some people are shifting from Twitter to Facebook, but the fact is most users are actually keeping both accounts. Why? Because they serve two different purposes:

- Twitter is a much more simple and direct way to communicate. I doesn’t need a complex registration or building a profile page. It is also much more mobile compatible – due to it’s simplicity – and it allows users to directly talk and feed from each other without the crowd of multiple application feedback (try to set apart a Facebook tweet from a notification that the
user has been bidded on “Owned”…). It allows a more fluent conversation, while Facebook doesnt.

- Facebook is a social network per se – it allows multiple interactions and uses, from profile pages to applications to picture gallery. It tries to be everything at the same time. I could go on forever about Facebook, but why bother? If you don’t know it yet, then you need to seriously get out of the cave and join the online community.

So what does it come down to? Well, for starters, Facebook’s use is a lot easier to identify by the common user than Twitter. A lot of newbies or offliners are still wondering “just why the heck do people use Twitter for?”. This leads to the segmentation of the users of each site. Twitter users are, generally speaking, advanced social networkers, while Facebook users are middle-level social networkers. What about low level? Let’s consider Live Messenger as the basic networking tool.
User wise, Twitter has 3 328 420 registered accounts up till now, while Facebook has 120 000 000. It is a big difference in audience size, but we are considering effectiveness here.

The other point that sets Facebook and Twitter apart is the potencial for Brands. Twitter is an effective way to broadcast to your audience – as a lot of Brands already did – while Facebook is a good place to set up engagement with the Brand. If you want to simplify it, Twitter is a tool for the brands much like a giant microphone, while Facebook is like an offline Stand where you can spin the wheel and win prizes. While different, both serve a purpose – communicating with the target.

So is Facebook killing the Twitter star? Well, not really. Twitter is still an effective communication tool IF the brand has a purpose for it. Facebook, on the other hand, is becoming a MUST HAVE for the Brands. In the end, both are important – but the bottom line is complex SN Websites come and go – simple ones stay. Of course, if brands want to communicate massively, if you look at numbers, Facebook has a broader audience… but a lot more noise in the middle of the communication. Twitterers that are feeding from a Brand’s Twitter will only see what the Brand is saying.

So consider both in your communication – just do it in a sensible way.