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What stays on, feels good and can make someone happy this holiday season? But of course, it’s coosh – a new brand of headphones and headsets.

coosh launched in September and continues to be supported by an exciting online campaign that features the breakdancing moves of the world renowned Massive Monkees. Months before the product launch, the Massive Monkees were asked to crash test coosh to see if the product lived up to the claim “Stays On, Feels Good.” After all, if coosh headphones and headsets could stay on during breakdancing, they could stay on doing just about anything!
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One of the funny things about Twitter is that, if you have a lot of people on your list and have a feed updater that shows you on the minute Twitter updates, sometimes you can smell a trend coming on. Such happened just a week ago.
You might be familiar with the character Martine, or the portuguese Anita, or even the english Emma. She was a popular childrens’ book character who had just about 50 books release with her name since the 50s. The stories were always related to her being in the farm, or in the city, or learning to cook a cake. Softcore reading for the young.
How could this character be related to Twitter. Well, it all started when a portuguese Twitterer posted a comment on why doesn’t Anita upgrade to the new generation, like “Anita learns how to use Twitter”. And boom, a whole viral movement began.
Quoting from the author himself:

From 10 am to 8pm here’s a glimpse of what happened:

The twitter search was submitted to digg and received 35 diggs so far;
Several links showed up in delicious; (mostly because of me)
The wikipedia page for Anita was created and edited;
Not happy confined to the web, #Anita went out into the world and was spotted through flickr;

Since then, the references to #Anita can be found anywhere. The name turned into the fastest meme in the history of Twitter.
This just comes to show you how viral can be random at sometimes. Using the imaginary universe we all share from our childwood, #Anita showed how the retro movement that we see on society nowadays is spreading online… and how Twitter could be powerful for Brands. Imagine getting this sort of attention to your Brand. Sound good, but the bottom line is – you can’t control it. Therefore, the main point of this small post is: don’t try to control the online information flow. On the contrary – go with it and play with your consumers like you are one of them. For example, create a twitter account for your brand and provide interesting contents to gather users. And then, just play with them… “#Anita would love a glass of Coca-Cola by now!”. Be one of us!
To learn more from this story, visit the users’ blog and watch how the movement grows. And remember… #Anita is watching you.

Youtube gone wide!

Yesterday YouTube officially announced their new widescreen player, plus a few new features. I guess YouTube finally realized that the big majority of the videos that are uploaded online are largely widescreen (16:9) and 86% in the US market have a 1024×768 or higher screen resolution.

But secretly, YouTube makes a big move as the gap between the competitors is getting narrower (ie. Hulu’s revenue this year). YouTube recently announced a partnership with MGM to bring full-length movies online and much more TV content in the future.

NB: Google’s YouTube accounted for almost 35% of the 12 billion online videos Americans viewed in May, according to ComScore, while Hulu accounted for 0.07%. However, Google only advertises on a small percentage of YouTube’s videos, whereas all of Hulu’s content is sponsored.


How come I never heard about them before kottke’s post? The site still needs to grow its database, but I love the idea!


Awesome idea for Volkswagen Brazil, a site composed by human beings. Literally. It’s a bit long to load but it’s absolutely worth the wait. When I saw the violon player in the top right corner, I was thinking: “If I click on the guy and the music switches off, they are genius”. I’ll let you find out…

They even shared the making-of on The Trendwatch team’s favorite video-sharing site: Vimeo. One extra point for that!

Spotted by brandflakesforbreakfast.