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Seriously one of the smartest online ad I’ve seen in a while. The most amazing is that all the elements on the page are still functional even after they’ve been stacked at the bottom!

Tip hat: Alexandre MOUQUET, FullSIX Paris


After trying to sell us albums on USB keys, the (desperate) music industry suits just announced that Walmart and BestBuy will offer SlotMusic to its consumers, a LP on a microSD card.

OK, they got some points right: high bitrate (320kbps), DRM-free, and extra content along with the tunes (photo, videos…). Apparently, the advantage is that you can stick the card in your computer and/or portable music player. Except, well, the Apple ones, and I would not hold my breathe until I see a SD card slot on an iPod. But never mind, iPods and iPhones are not that successful, right?

Oh and did I mention that you need a USB adaptor to be able to transfer files on your computer? How much money is gonna be put wasted into that launch, and for how long they will try?

Last week, I bought myself a flat-screen TV, long overdue purchase, and the crisp temperatures of fall coming made me realize that I needed to invest before winter. Then I had to decide what to hook to my monitor. Cable? Too many frustrating commercial breaks, and way too expensive. A DVD/Blu-Ray player? Not really, most of the things I watch are TV series that I download from iTunes, so my only decent option was: the Apple TV. This box is awesome. It synchronizes all the movies/TV series/music/photos with your computer, is hooked to the Internet wirelessly, so that you can buy/rent directly and (most of them) in HD any movie from their catalog, get automatically TV episodes of your favorite shows ready to be watched the day after its network airing, and watch YouTube videos. I can’t go to bed anymore, I’m addicted. And the best of all is that it is like magic: I decide what I want to watch and when! All of this without any kind of “hard-media” (DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, SD card, USB…)

And then you have the iPod Touch. And the iPhone. Buy all the music that you want from your portable music device. No “hard-media” involved either. Seamless download straight to your iTunes library, in a couple of clicks (can we say click when it comes to a touch-screen interaction?) Okay, iTunes still needs some ironing with better bit rate and no DRM protection, but iTunes Plus is supposed to fix it.

I am not saying that Apple holds the only key to selling music, but they have a pretty good system in place. And they are not the only ones to believe that wireless is the way to go.

So, SanDisk, no thank you.

Now, Apple, if you could let me download music over the 3G network (I can download heavy files on Safari and Mail already, plus I pay a stiff price every month to use that supposedly faster network), fix the Remote App on the iPhone to control my TV so that I don’t have to hold my iPhone in the right hand and the white remote in the left hand, let me play music from my iPhone through my AirTunes speakers, and convince HBO and Showtime to make their TV series available on the iTunes Store the day after they air and not one year later, I swear that I will never ever again insert any kind of media in my hardwares. Except maybe if I decide to go to the video store to see if there is a cute guy wandering in the aisles.


Media producer Scott Blaszak tried to imagine what the future of marketing could be, and this video, published on Slate, is the result. Are we really heading in this direction?

Yep, it’s Facebook time… again! Facebook’s been getting a lot of coverage from us… even though I think they shouldn’t have messed with it – personally I liked the old one better.

But this short post isn’t about those changes; it’s about changes in advertising! Did you notice that now you can rate ads on Facebook? Thumbs up or thumbs down? And on top of that, you can choose the reasons why you liked/disliked that particular ad…

Well, this is a first timer for me and I think this is very fair. If you can rate just about anything on the web nowadays, why shouldn’t users be able to rate the ads that target them?

The question is: what will Facebook do with user feedback? Will it charge advertisers more for unappreciated ads? Or will it use this intelligence for upgrading its targeting capabilities, besides its demographic and interests segmentation criteria?

Your opinion is most welcome.

Forrester Research has been working on a study that provides some really interesting statistics around how people share content found on the web. OK, the results could be a bit biased since it was done in partnership with ShareThis, one of the biggest tools out there to share things online:

    – Email is still primary channel for sharing – 69% of adults cite email as the primary source of sharing information
    – 84% of people still use the traditional cut and paste method to share a URL or information
    – Though the primary motivation for sharing differs, 81% of adults claim that they share to help others – believing that a person will benefit from the information they share
    – Sharing increases site traffic 2x, thus increasing ad dollars or revenue for publishers
    – Men are more likely to share recommendations and videos than women; 77 percent of adult males and 74 of younger males shared news and web links
    – Women are more likely to share products or ideas they like via easy or direct sharing methods (ie texting)

Full Press Release here.