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Thirty years ago, a guy called Gary Thuerk from a computer firm sent an email to 393 users on the US government-run computer network that eventually became the internet.

What a way to go down in History… “the father of Internet Spam”. Thanks a lot Thuerk!

As expected, the email was not welcome and people’s response to it was negative.

30 years later, an amazing 80 to 90% of all emails sent are spam and scams. Now that’s a lot of emails…

The first videos and images of the new mobile operating system developed by Google are emerging from the I/O conference in San Francisco. Very iPhone-like sans the classy Apple touch, but technically, the software seem really impressive. Look at the demo of the Google Maps Street View:

Plus it comes with Pacman! More media on the Android Community’s blog.

Haze screenshot 01
Presently i find little time to play consoles, my Xbox is gathering dust and i have not brought a game for over a year. The microsite for the PS3 game “HAZE” a first-person shooter, has reignited a flame in my heart for gaming. The website not only looks visually amazing but is a online game in its own right. The combination of powerful visuals and mind blowing sound made my heart pulsate. Like all good websites i found myself losing all perspective of time, not noticing a crowd of work colleges looking over my shoulder as i explored the site.
Haze screenshot  02
Haze screenshot 03
If the British weather continues in the same mood, i think i could be tempted to splash the cash and find my inner gamer again.

Optical illusion revisited by Samsung:

Or else, a Nokia phone in a microwave turning into a monster. Still not identified as real marketing yet though:


Pretty neat set of banners for the Sex and the City movie. Simulated 3D effects and micro-site feel. In case you’re not overwhelmed yet by Carrie and her desperate crew. Too bad the site itself sucks bad time.

(Achtung: Some banners in the sets are really lame, I’m talking about the ones with the NY skyline made of B&W pics)