How do you look with a beard?


Schick Japan’s new website promoting the Schick Quatro 4 Titanium (with razor, and beard trimmer in one) is a pretty swanky site with some pretty cool functions.

So what makes this site so cool? When starting you can either upload your own face photo, or use the default model. Then you can go through a HUGE library of assorted facial styles. To sort through the library you can select the time period of style, haircolor, trend and so on. It even features facial styles of different places around the world. When you find something you like simply drag it on your face, and see how it looks!

When you are finished you can have your face shot render in 3D which creates motion on the face, along with facial expressions to see just how you will look. If you think you look pretty hot you can then find out the steps you need to go though in order to get the look you want! You can then submit your styles to see who comes up with the best in their contest.

I think this site is great because it allows the consumer to try an assortment of styles, and then gives them step-by-step instruction of how to achieve the look they want. I found it very user friendly and easy to understand, it also seems people have had some fun with this site too!