The Future is Already in my Pocket.


I know, I know, you’ve already read it everywhere: the new iPods are out again! New shades for the cute shuffle, the nano gets fat and the once-known-as the iPod is now the old-skool iPod Classic. But the big announcement is the big addition to the family: the iPod Touch. Just like its big brother the iPhone, it has a multi-touch interface, the integration and Coverflow, and… wi-fi web browsing with Safari!

If you have a look at the stats, Apple sold a bit more than 20 million ipods during the first quarter this year. Let’s say that they sell one third of iPod Touch in the next quarter, and it’s more than 25 million people that will have access to the web from anywhere with a wireless network.

Add to those all the iPhones that will be sold in the USA (on track for the millionth before the end of the month), all the cellphone networks that are fighting to get the national exclusivity in many European countries. On top of that, we should see pretty soon the release of the much-rumoured gPhone by Google, the iPhone look-alike by Nokia, and probably a dozen of similar devices already released or soon to be launched. We can safely say that in the next couple of year, the mobile internet will be a reality for the mass. Internet Everywhere. Meaning information everywhere.

This is major. It’s gonna change the way that we shop, the way that we choose how we want to be entertained. Imagine standing in line in front of the movie theatre, still debating which movie to go to: just check the rottentomatoes website and have another look at the trailers before taking a decision. Or going to your local bookstore to find that they don’t have anymore copies of that Jamie Oliver cooking book. From that same store, you probably can catch an open wireless network and go online with your iPod to order it on Amazon’s mobile portal. Or even compare with online retailers the price of the digital camera you’re about to buy at Virgin Megastore. And of course the obvious personalized offers on Google Maps according to your position. Examples are endless. Marketers need to be ready for this massive shift. The future is bright keeps repeating orange. But it won’t be for everyone. Start working on your mobile strategy today to be ready tomorrow. Early-adopters are ready, and the other ones will follow very very soon. Probably on Christmas morning this year.