You, Me, Them, Everybody…

everybody needs somebody to speak to

If you think bloggers and blogosphere are useless then don’t read this post ! We are going to look deeper in the new blogging trend : Microblogging.
Basically, for a few months, a new way of blogging has emerged. Everything started with Twitter. The concept is quite simple : you can post 140 characters messages via any media device (web, instant messaging, mobile, skype etc…). You can choose to display your messages to a group of selected friends or to the whole world. That is what people now call “to Twitt“.
After Twitter, came other lookalike services : Jaiku, Pownce, Tumblr, Moodmill, Hictu, Facebook status updates and other services such as Bebo and Xanga (comparison viewable on Mashable France).
Microblogging mixes two main ideas : blogging (sharing information-conversations) and social networking (keeping the connexions with my gang, my buddies, my posse). You can choose to speak one to one (direct messages), one to many (if you open your feed to everyone) or one to few (your group of friends).

In terms of marketing, it opens new way of sharing information. Brands can now talk to their consumer with a “VIP” network. They can also learn a lot on the habits of thousand of people just by analysing the feeds available. This powerful concept is especially interesting for french internauts. In a recent study, we discovered that the 10% of the french internauts had a blog but only a few were really using it. Our “latin” origins makes us very reactive people on the moment but we do not take time to go on a discussion for very long (vs spanish for example).

To a certain extent with media features being added on micro/miniblogging platforms, it challenges directly personal e-mails. You do not wait for any answer but launch your words, pictures, videos or links and receive the answers wherever you are on any devices. Microblogging is the new email ?

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