YouTube’s 7th Birthday
Chrome become the most used browser [article in French]
Microsoft’s A Brief Tour
Facebook Releases Instagram Clone: Camera
Wearable Tech: Welcome to the Future of Fashion

Social Media
Facebook Displays new metrics
New Facebook Pages Manager mobile app [article in French]
Facebook Begins Testing Redesigned “Timeline” View
What kind of traffic can we get from a Facebook page? [article in French]
Google Plus, a no man’s land [article in French]
Alternative payment methods explode the average basket [article in French]
Women dominate social networks [article in French]
User activity comparison of popular social networking sites [Infographic]
Sizes to customize your social accounts [article in French]

Embarrassing sounds in the ladies’ room
Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: “Uncle Drew
Nike Barbershop
Marcado Magazine: Hope
Nokia Lumia Screen 900 Hammer Test
Stonemen – Afternoon Delight
Red Bull Beat Suite tweets
Evian: The Source
Nissan LEAF – a world without petrol 1 – Sydney
Nike Football: My time is now
From Love to Bingo Getty Images Almap BBDO
Honda UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Device
Durex: Coming early? [article in French]
Coca-Cola – The downloadable concert
VW – The Original Click
Samsung – Beckham plays Beethoven’s Ode To Joy
Budweiser – Goal in the dark
Introducing Leap
Traffic control – With motorbike the biggest danger is to think that there is none

Social Media Revolution (parody)
La Bifle – Trailer [video in French]
Personnal Branling in Cannes [article in French]
According a U.S. study… [article in French]
Intermediate “A” Bench-Celaring Lacrosse Brawl
Epic Parenting Fail at a Laundromat
Will Smith Slaps Reporter
If Diablo 3 was a girl
Foot 2012 (Rémi GAILLARD) [video in French]
Daft Punk on Google Moog Doodle
Boys Night In
At 5 years old is substitute in a professional football game
The Lympics Are Coming
Use Condoms!
Skydiver Lands Without Parachute

Google’s self-driving car
Android remains the leader in smartphone sales
Lolcats can make us more clever [Article in French]
Digital Marketing Budget Trends for 2012
1 billion downloads for Angry Birds
How Tech is changing College life [Infographic]
New Google+ App

Social Media
Introducing the Facebook App Center
Smartphones top computers for U.S. Facebook time
Facebook vs. Pinterest: the things we’ve learned [Infographic]
The ideal time to post on Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr [Article in French]
How do people spend their time online? [Infographic - in French]
Top 10 bloggers that I love to hate [Article in French]
55,000 Twitter accounts hacked
How Instagram took America by storm [Infographic]
Mobile Metrix 2.0: next generation mobile behavioral measurement [Study]
A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

LYNX ANARCHY: The World’s First Invisible Ad
Black Swan on Canal+
Waternet on Queensday 2012
Classical Flash mob in the Copenhagen Metro
BMW- Head
The day when a Hugo Lloris became a mouse [Video in French]
What they say when Parisians drive! [Video in French]
Pepsi: Now In a Moment with Nicki Minaj
Paddy Power: Goal-Line Technology
Ford: Cane Toad Road
Twitpoker: Viajes Galeón [Case Study]

Hollande talk to Sarkozy on Facebook
Harvard Baseball – Call Me Maybe Cover
Dunk fail
Da Vagin Code
The return of the goose
Marvel’s The Avengers Puppies
Sexy Jedi Bubblebath
The Instagram Camera
Get in my vagina
Real Transformer

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion
Facebook Ads Have 35 Times The Reach of Google
The Ten Internet Plagues
The Death on Social Networks [Article in French]
The Internet is Ruining Our Branin [Infographic]
Viadeo Raises 24 Million Euros [Article in French]

Social Media
Toward a Simpler, More Beautiful Google
Pinterest Third Most Popular Network, Beats Google+, Tumblr
42% Mobile Users Share Multimedia Via Facebook
How To Get More Pins and Repins on Pinterest [infographic]
Kids Safety on Facebook [infographic]
Click Rate on Twitter:
Community Manager Calendar: [Article in French]
How Much Are You Worth For The Social Networks [Article in French]

TNT – A dramatic suprise on a quiet square
Smart Argentina on Twitter
Tic Tac France – Worst Breath in the World
Tippex again… Really?
Nike – Make It Count
CocaCola – London 2012
Durex by Buzzman
Orangina & the VideoStars
IKEA – In the kitchen
Introducing doodlr
Fruit Ninja With Kinect

Panda fail
Choisis le nucleaire [video in French]
Titanic SUPER 3D
Hitler at McDonald’s
Girl blown away by a plane
The Hipster Games
Devils vs Rangers start of game line brawl
Old Man In Nursing Home React To Hearing Music From His Era
Caine’s Arcade
Exclusive Look At How An iPad Is Made
Windows Project Glass
A Bear In The Street

Facebook to Buy Photo-Sharing Service Instagram for $1 Billion
The After QR code in Japan
The Generation C[infographic in French]
Instagram for Android Breaks 1 Million Downloads in Less Than a Day
Google Art Project [Article in French]
Search Quality Highlights: 50 Changes For March
Too Much SEO? Google’s Working On An “Over-Optimization” Penalty For That
Anonymous Attacks China [Article in French]

Social Media
Impact of Facebook Timeline On Fans’ Commitment [Article in French]
Why Timeline Engagement “Studies” Should Be Ignored
Pinterest Now The Third Most Popular Social Network After Facebook & Twitter
Facebook EdgeRank: What you Need to Know [infographic]
Will Presenters replace Brand Mascots? [Article in French]
Facebook: Deeper Into Search?
The Real Cost of the Social Media Strategies [Article in French]

Google Project Glass: One day…
Thomas N’gijol for Sosh [video in French]
Magnum: Pleasure Hunt 2
Intel: What about me?
Pilot ‘Evolution’: Boolab
It’s Time for Skype [Article in French]
Nivea: The Wouaaah Effect [Video in French]
Orangina Challenges Lady Gina & Bad Jack [Video in French]
David Beckham for Burger King
Songster: Become a Rock Star on Facebook [Article in French]
Capgemini Interactive Window
Mennen: Kill The Bouee
Snapdragon: Around the World on One Charge
Rendez-vous on the go
Area: Excel Sheet love – Case Study
Torrent Your Blood
Fender: A Strat is born
Scrabble Battle Captcha
Red Bull: First Ever 1080° Landed By 12 Years Old Skateboarder Tom Shaar

Google Glasses Parody
Best April Fools 2012 [Article in French]
Kitten Cute Was Afraid
Football vs. Basket Ball
Introducing Gmail Tap
Kimberly Cole Music Video Audition
Creepy Dog
Amazing World
If Facebook were invented in the 90s
Top 5 Funny kid Videos
Vagine Cuisine
What Really Goes Down In The Forest At Night
Strange creature on the Red Line

More Insight into Your Google Account Activity
Google To Launch Third-Party Commenting Platform To Rival Facebook
Security Flaw in Facebook and Google’s Identification Services [article in French]
Success of the Sponsored Links on Smartphones [article in French]
World of Warcraft Gets More Dates Than Dating Websites? [infographic]
Presidentials: Google Launches Google Elections
Samsung Ships Five Million Galaxy Notes in Just Five Months

Social media
The Impact of Facebook Timeline for Brands
Pinterest, Stakes and Interests for Brands [Slideshare in French]
Facebook Demo Lets You Test Drive Premium Ads
Klout Doesn’t Really Measure Influence
Pinterest More Copyright Friendly
Social Media Contribution Underrated, According to Adobe [Article in French]
Pinterest Spammer Who Made Thousands of Dollars [Article in French]
Facebook and e-mail Commitment [article in French]
Tumblr Hits 20 Billion Posts

Only Because we can
Skittles: Liar
Elephant Plays with a Galaxy Note
Mix against Aids
Inspiration day by Kotex on Pinterest
5 Interesting Pinterest Marketing Campaigns
Oasis: Be Fruit [video in French]
Le changement de slip c’est maintenant
Pepsi: Kick in the mix
Axe Chaos
Sosh Yeti Rider [video in French]
Rompela Flash Mob
Human Face video mapping by Samsung
Share Happy street campaign
Mad Men: The Game
Chocolate Generous Store
Hugo Learns How to Drive: Societe Generale [video in French]
Axa Increase Public Awareness About e-reputation [video in French]

The Motherfucking Pterodactyl
Facebook Enemygraph
Challenge: Justin Bieber’s Community Manager
Bref, je suis chez Free Mobile [video in French]
Surveillance Camera System Searches Through 36 Million Faces
Charlotte & Jonathan: Britain’s Got Talent
Nerd Alert: Nerdy and I Know It
Tactile Display With Directional Force Feedback
Obama, I’m sexy and I know it
Comforting Urine, My Strange Addiction
Angry Beard
Ever Wanted To Be a hula hoop
Backflip in unexpected location
Sand Flea Jumping Robot
PSG Supporter
Wind Map
Rayban Fail